Since 1995, Vivanco & García, has been providing translation services specializing in intellectual property, translations for industry and the chemical-pharmaceutical sector. We are always committed to meeting your needs regarding:

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Price
  • Speed
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Specialization

In Vivanco & García, our quality is accredited by ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 certifications (specific for technical translation services).

In 2007 we implemented a quality metric to assure the quality levels required in chemical-pharmaceutical and patent translation. Based on standard SAE J2450, this metric allows us to assure controlled quality through quality indices.

We work with IP agents in Europe and the Americas. We are also a provider for a large number of industrial and chemical-pharmaceutical companies from Germany, South America, Canada, United States, France, the Netherlands, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Portugal, United Kingdom, and Sweden after having passed demanding audits and quality tests.


Vivanco & García:

  1. Understands and dominates technical terminology.
  2. Has in-house teams with technical university degrees who receive continued training.
  3. Assures compliance with deadlines.
  4. Has solid experience with clients who do not accept anything less than the best.
  5. Has quality accreditations ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17100:2015, and certification of compliance with standard SAE J2450, all of which are essential for all quality demands.

Resources: Our People

Since 1995, Vivanco & García has translated over 500 million of words in relation to industry, pharmaceutical laboratories, chemical laboratories, and intellectual property.

All documents are translated by our in-house staff who hold university degrees in engineering, chemistry, and biology. They are all selected and trained to meet your needs.

We promote the continued training of all our staff.

Our teams are trained to know, understand, and correctly apply the right terminology in the translation of patents and other specializations in German, Chinese, Spanish, French, English, and Portuguese in order to:

  • Understand your needs.
  • Handle your demands in terms of volume, formats, precision, quality, and meeting deadlines.

We have considerable consultation resources based on technical documentation, glossaries, and terminology integrated in modern technological tools.

Our quality for you:

Vivanco & García quality is designed to assure maximum peace of mind for our clients.

Our quality holds the following certifications:

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 17100:2015

Our certification of compliance with standard SAE J2450 gives us the opportunity to assure the highest quality levels for your translations of medical and pharmaceutical subjects, patents, and for industry.

All translation projects are subjected to strict controls integrated in our triple service and product quality system. 

Our clients can rest assured knowing that:

  • All projects we send to them are translated by our own in-house staff with university degrees in engineering, chemistry, and biology.
  • All of our staff is trained in the translation of medical and pharmaceutical texts, patents, and documents for industry.
  • We comply with strict criteria for assigning projects to translators according to specialization.

And we guarantee that all projects are:

  • Checked by reviewers who are highly experienced in technical translation.
  • Subjected to SAE J2450 quality controls to assure quality indices above 99.00%.  

Vivanco & García’s Commitment to our Clients:

At Vivanco & García, we are convinced that peace of mind of our clients is based on achieving, maintaining, and improving our competitiveness and quality. For that reason, our quality is supported by the following principles:

  • We have a prevention-based quality.
  • We continuously follow up on our processes to implement preventive and/or corrective measures to reach quality goals.
  • Our services must meet the needs and requirements of our clients (technical specifications, formats, and stipulated deadlines).
  • Vivanco & García always verifies compliance with goals, implementing the means needed to achieve, maintain, and improve service and product quality.
  • Measures for preventing or correcting errors are always a priority for us.

This commitment to quality is understood, instilled, and maintained at all levels of our organization.


Confidentiality of the information sent to us is of vital importance for our clients.

  • Any information entrusted to us by any means, whether written, digital, or oral, is strictly confidential. 
  • We sign confidentiality agreements with our clients.
  • Our processes are designed to prevent accidental or intentional disclosure of the information entrusted to us.
  • Our security protocols are adapted to clients’ specific needs concerning the return, destruction, or conservation of the material received.
  • Our IT Department has developed measures so that our facilities, servers, and internal/external network meet even the most demanding security standards.